Catalogue - Cutting machine CR3

Measures mt 1,50 x cm 50 Steel table mt 1,50 x 0,60
Longitudinal sliding track consisting of two stainless steel guides mm 20, coupling consisting of two counterguides with the four tips fitted with protections.
Revolving arm of 180 mounted on two supports with ball bearings, semicircle furnished with notches in order to position the arm in thirtysix points at a distance of 5.
Truck for transversal movement sliding manually on wheels and guides, braked with pneumatic system; the vertical movement is driven by a motoreducer, the stroke is marked by a metrical support.
Motor/ mandrel HP 5.5, revolving of 360 to cut longitudinally and trasversally, reclining for shears from vertical to horizontal with all the intermediate gradations, suitable to mount diamond disks 300 mm, electric installation according to the CE rules.


Copyright 2008 Pietro Bacchieri & C. snc. Realizzazione e progetto grafico di Federico Giannini, traduzioni di Ilaria Baratta