Catalogue - Machine FSL Full W

Suitable for marble and granite and for the manufacturing of planes for bathrooms, kitchens, pubs, archs for doors and windows, monuments, posts for fireplaces, edges for steps, shapes for columns and so on . Technical details: drill with electric motor HP 4.5, two speeds by trapezoidal belts for holes from 200 to 450 mm Grinding wheel support with electric motor HP 3.5/4.5, two speeds with rapid up/down movement, variable speed (inverter), suitable for working by diamond wheels 130 Disk support with motor/mandrel HP 5.5, suitable for disks 300 that carry out longitudinal and transversal cuts. This arm is programmed with the feed of the table to shape marble and granite up to 2,70 mt in length by a photoelectric cell. Sliding steel table with manual movement This table is empty inside to produce planes for kitchens; it has a reclining overtable to produce inclined draining boards. Electric installation according to the CE rules, a long shaft, a small shaft with guide wheel, keys.


Copyright 2008 Pietro Bacchieri & C. snc. Realizzazione e progetto grafico di Federico Giannini, traduzioni di Ilaria Baratta